Thursday, July 8, 2010

bald mountain try

i must have heard the weather wrong because i thought today was supposed to not be as hot as the others have been. anyway i tried to hike bald mountain in the ossipee mountains.

i started on gilman valley road where there are lots of signs

i walked through the hidden gravel pit. the dirt piles had changed and the bucket loader had moved since i last was here (
the logging company agreed to close the gravel pit when they were given government money to preserve the land. it was supposed to be closed and rehabilatated a few years ago but theyre still using it.
it was hard to climb up the steep embankments of the pit as i tried to get up to the logging road to bald mountain.

i then saw a machine parked on a snowmobile trail. they were doing something in the woods next to a snowmobile bridge.

i went up the logging road to bald mountain. when i got around the corner a little while, the logging road got pretty rocky.

it was really eroded. i didn't see any water bars and it got worse as i went higher up.

finally it got really eroded and i was getting worried i'd get hurt so i turned around.
the walking was really rough. i'm surprised the government let them do this to the protected land. i want to visit bald mountain but i think this road may be too rough for me.

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