Saturday, June 19, 2010

a walk in the stony brook valley

the other day i went for a walk in the stony brook valley. it is located between mount whittier and grant peak.

there were some neat ferns at the entrance:

awhile later i saw a nice field on my left. i decided to walk up it to get a view:

i saw a gravel pit behind it:

there was fresh dirt. they must have been using the bucket loader recently:

it was a pretty big gravel pit.

it started to rain a little bit so i turned around. i didn't know there was a gravel pit out here i thought it was just woods. it was nice to get out for a walk though.

update i read that in the "Grant of Conservation Easement" document filed with the carroll county registry on march 28 2002, chocorua forestlands had an "obligation to restore and reclaim the Gravel Reserve" after "two (2) years commencing on the date this Conservation Deed is signed". interesting. i think that would mean that in 2004 the gravel pit would have been closed. it looked active to me when i was there this year (2010).

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