Wednesday, June 23, 2010

grant peak (almost)

today i tried to hike grant peak in the ossipees. grant peak is the highest part of nickerson mountain.

i started at gilman valley road. there were some nice flowers:

i started up a logging road i saw on google earth:

it was wicked steep for long straight stretches:

there werent too many water bars but there was a big one at the bottom:

it looks like the logging road is washing down into the stony brook:

there were lots of logging remains:

there were also some deep ruts. it must have been a big skidder:

it was also a little bit muddy in places even though its been dry lately:

more logging remains:

more mucky stuff:

there was a view though i think of mount whitter:

the straight steep sections of the logging road, as well as trying to step over lots of branches and stuff made this a tougher hike than i thought. i was surprised how little stuff was growing up in the logging road even though the wood looks like it was cut awhile ago. im surprised the government is allowing this on the forest legacy area.

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